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If you've been reading these pages, by now you may have caught on to the fact that there are two of us here.  I do the writing, at least when Jessica lets me get my hands on the computer, and when she's not interrupting.  I like to keep a low profile - who I am is none of your business. You can call

Jessica Lopez does the technical stuff, so she is our "webmistress."  That's her in the picture at right - she's too shy to show her face. She says she hates the term "webmaster" - "I'm a woman - haven't you noticed?" (Yes, Jessica, we have.) If you send us anything on the "Contact Me" page, you're sending it to Jessica.

Jessica's a big fan of old horror movies, and discovered Guy Warner a few years ago.  (She has a HUGE collection of these old films - the tackier the better, she says.)  She has become expert at spotting The Guy in these movies.  "Look, there he is - third from the left.  He grew the beard especially for the movie."  Is she always right?  You tell us.

Oh, and the tattoo?  She swears it's real, and she has more.

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