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If you're a fan of old-time actor Guy Warner, you're in the right place! This is the resource for photos and information about "The Guy."  If you have anything to add, send it to our Webmistress - she's a major fan, and she'll love to hear from you.

If you don't know who Guy Warner was, this is the place to find out.

Guy Warner was one of the most underestimated actors in the business. Born in 1925, "The Guy" was a veteran actor of dozens of A and B pictures,  especially cult horror classics, including  I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1958) with Gary Conway, and THE BLOB with a young “Stephen” McQueen. Later, he had minor roles in countless TV movies, especially as an older character actor. He died, apparently of heart failure,  in 1983, on the set of Fantasy Island.

Early on, his agent began referring to him as "THE Guy Warner." Sadly, during most of his life, people changed the emphasis to "the guy", and the name stuck.  For a while, he tried to change it back to THE Guy, but eventually gave up and accepted the nickname.

Webmistress:  He'll always be THE Guy to me!

The best role of his life was also the briefest.  He had a major role in the scandalous TV series Honey Vicarro, which was cancelled after only one episode, amid a furor of outraged religious groups and horrified affiliates. Guy was devastated.

It's said that The Guy's proudest moment was a "Honey Vicarro" review he received from a TV critic, a review that was never printed due to the cancellation.  He kept the typewritten review (slipped to him by the critic) until his death. <whispering> - his granddaughter provided us with a copy - you can read it on the "News" page.

There are rumors that The Guy also had prints of the show, but his family adamantly denies this.


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