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Guy Warner had a long, if not entirely distinguished career in movies and television.  We are building his filmography here.  If you know of a role not listed, let us know.

While most people think he was just a bit player, The Guy had some truly dramatic roles and great moments.  His pain as Edward in "This love of ours," while brief, is heart-rending.  And as Old Joey the janitor in "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein," the pity and fear that flicker across his face just before the monster throws him over the wall are the essence of the movie.

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What's your favorite Guy Warner scene?  Drop Jessica a note and tell us!

  • 1945:  Blazing the Western Trail, aka Who Killed Waring?  (Stagecoach passenger)
                This Love of Ours (Edward)
  • 1947:  Bury Me Dead (Newspaper photographer)
                Born to Kill (Gambler at roulette table)
  • 1958:  I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (Old Joey)
  • 1958:  THE BLOB



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